Tick Create Dynamic Flash Flipping Books
Easy and simple to upload your content and watch it turn into a dynamic online flipping magazine or book.
Tick Track the Trends
Our software automatically tracks statistics on all your individual publications, where visitors came from, what order of pages they viewed, how long the spent on each page and much more.
Tick Create Multiple Publications
Under one account you can create unlimited publications at the click of a mouse.
Tick Complete Control
You will have complete control over who has access to your publications, private or public.
Tick Incredibly Customisable
Control dozens of paramaters for each of your publications, such as book rigidity, page thickness, hard/soft cover, page dimensions, and many many more.
Tick Bulk Upload
No uploading one page at a time, simply zip them all up and upload them all in one go. Our servers will convert the content into a dynamic online publication within seconds.
Tick Many more exciting features
Create an account and start exploring the countless other features.

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The statistics suite allows me to keep track of my visitors viewings and trends, and helps me to track my advertising links.

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